Terms, Conditions, & Warranty

We understand that many of our partners spend significant effort and resources to provide the highest customer experience. We have curated clear sales terms and conditions to protect this effort and implemented a unilateral internet minimum advertised price (iMAP) policy to minimize disparities and support equity for all resellers.

iMAP Policy Enforcement
If you have questions or would like to report a violation of this policy, please send an email with links, screenshots, and other pertinent details to the email below.


Who We Are

Franklin Electric is a global leader in the production and marketing of systems and components for the movement of water and energy. Recognized as a technical leader in its products and services, Franklin Electric serves customers around the world in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, municipal, and fueling applications. Franklin Electric is proud to be named in Newsweek’s lists of America’s Most Responsible Companies and Most Trustworthy Companies for 2024 and America’s Climate Leaders 2023 by USA Today.