Season 44 of This Old House Utilizes Little Giant Pit+Plus to Solve Modern Day Plumbing Challenges

22/05/2023 | Products
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A recent episode of the PBS show This Old House has homeowners who want to create usable space below-grade of their 300-year-old New England house, so their plumber decided to use Little Giant. The dank, dreary basement space is destined to turn into a work area complete with utility sink, potting station and half bathroom, yet the below grade elevation meant that a gravity-fed waste system wasn’t feasible. The plumbing contractor on This Old House utilized a Little Giant® Pit+Plus package to serve as a critical sewage ejector.

The Pit+Plus package is known for providing an all-in-one solution for wastewater management. Each package includes a roto-molded polyethylene basin – the pit – combined with the user’s choice of Little Giant pump: 1 HP grinder pump, or a 4/10 HP or ½ HP sewage pump. The basin is available in two sizes: the 24x24 JR or 20x30 SR.

For this project, the application needed to accommodate a toilet and two sinks, and the team selected the Pit+Plus Jr. with a 4/10 HP sewage pump to deliver long-term performance. The plumbing team also pointed out several key features of the package, including a removable cover, easy access to the float, and the ability to service the pump without disconnecting the intake and discharge.

View the entire episode here, or visit our product page to learn more about Pit+Plus.

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