Groundwater Awareness Day Brings Partners Together

14/03/2023 | Update

Franklin Electric once again partnered with the National Ground Water Association's (NGWA) Groundwater Foundation and Amstutz Well Drilling to celebrate Groundwater Awareness Day with the public at Fort Wayne’s Science Central. This is the second year the organizations joined forces to host and promote the event aimed at spreading awareness for the importance of groundwater in everyday life. For 2023, this promotion included outreach that invited water well professionals throughout Northeast Indiana, Ohio and Michigan to join in the activities with complementary admission, provided by Franklin Electric.

Science Central bills itself as a “catalyst for learning,” and Groundwater Awareness Day activities both inside and outside the facility enhanced this experiential environment. Booths, hands-on activities and the presentation “Make Water Happen” allowed visitors to learn more about groundwater and the challenges communities face in keeping it clean and bringing it to the surface. Amstutz Well Drilling drew attention to the event – and the scale of equipment required to move groundwater – by showcasing their well drilling rig at the center’s entrance.


“Being good stewards of water is part of what we do at Franklin Electric,” said Darol Hayse, Senior Business Unit Manager at Franklin Electric. “Science Central is located just a few miles from our corporate headquarters, and we were thrilled to share the importance of groundwater with residents and introduce them to the professionals that truly Make Water Happen.”

Inside the center, Franklin Electric and NGWA team members came together to host a variety of learning stations geared towards kids all ages. Franklin Electric showcased the virtual tool Awesome Aquifer 360 developed by NGWA in collaboration with Oklahoma State University. The teams also utilized kits provided by NGWA’s Groundwater Foundation to educate and raise awareness on how groundwater is a critical natural resource. Click here to explore the complete gallery!

“The Groundwater Foundation is thrilled we can again partner with Franklin Electric and Amstutz Well Drilling for this event,” said National Ground Water Association CEO Terry Morse, CAE, CIC. “Supporting Science Central is a great way to help reach out to young people and educate them on one of our most vital resources, water. Events such as this are a step towards developing the next generation of stewards of water resource management.”

Groundwater Awareness Day was celebrated in observance of Groundwater Awareness Week, a nationwide effort to bring public attention to the importance of groundwater and the critical work groundwater professionals do daily. Groundwater Awareness Day is one of several initiatives both the NGWA and Franklin Electric participate in to promote professional opportunities in groundwater and build a pipeline of talent for the future of the industry. For more information visit www.groundwater.org.

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